Rentals Include
The unique design of Yolo Booth allows the comfort and privacy needed to provide a fun and party-like atmosphere, while still maintaining functionality. The fabric sidewalls, which allow the booth to be so handicap accessible, also allow it to be cozy enough for two people to whisper sweet nothings, but large enough to fit up to 19 people partying like rock stars.

Guests getting ready for their turn can watch others on the 22” HD outside monitor, which is mounted high enough for all to see. The crazy things going on within the booth will mesmerize everyone within eyeshot! It also provides people new to the world of photo booths to have a visual example of what to expect so that they can better prepare to make 4 of the most fun photos they have ever taken.

We also provide our own signing table and lamp so that your guests have the tools they need to make your album a cherished memento of your event and the loved ones you invited. The signatures and written notes, along with guest photo strips, will be a virtual time capsule that can be looked at for the rest of your lives.
Inside Yolo Booth your guests will find a 20” HD monitor that shows them what the camera is seeing in real-time, gives simple instructions, counts down to the next picture, and displays the last picture taken. There are only two buttons to start the sequence: Color and B&W. With such simple operation, the booth can be used by young and old alike.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our extensive supply of props.  We always have a wide range of glasses, hats, tiaras, boas, and seasonal items.  Additionally, we welcome any suggestions, donations, or supplementary props you may decide to bring.


When designing Yolo Booth, we made it as portable as possible, while still maintaining the highest level of photo quality and functionality. As a result, it can easily be moved from a car to your setup location, even going through small doorways and up stairs. At the end of the night, guests who have used the booth are amazed that something so awesome can be so compact when not in use.